CSA Program

To Join the CSA call us at (866) 248-7870

What is a CSA?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. It is a partnership between a farm and the local community, whereby the consumers pay up front for produce and receive weekly packages of the freshest items the farm has to offer. This allows the farm to plan ahead on crop plantings, and ensure our most loyal customers get the best of what we have to offer.


How does your CSA work?

At Cee Bees Citrus we will be offering Full Shares (weekly produce packages) and Half Shares (every other week produce packages). CSA members pay the full membership fee at the beginning of the season. Packages will be available for pick up on Saturdays at our Grove Store or at The Wildflower Cafe Market during regular business hours. You will receive a tote bag with your first pick up, bring it back to exchange for you next one, and so on. Our CSA season will run from December until April. You pay for you share at the beginning of the season, and pick up produce as long as it lasts.


What do I get in my Package?

Your package will vary week to week, depending on what we are harvesting at any given time. We will always try to have a combination of vegetables and citrus. Early on the packages will be heavy in greens, lettuce and citrus. As more crops come in later in the season, you can expect more variety. In addition to all our fresh citrus, here is a selection of the vegetables will be growing this year:

Gypsy Broccoli, Marathon Broccoli, Champion Collards, Buttercrunch Lettuce, Parris Island Green Romaine, Red Rosie Red Romaine, Romanesco Veronica Cauliflower, Absolute Cauliflower, Graffiti Cauliflower, Cheddar Cauliflower, Winterbor Kale, Toscano Kale, Bright Lights Swiss Chard, Texas Grano Onion, Touchon Deluxe Carrots, Purple Haze Carrots, Yellowpak Carrots, Nutri-Red Carrots, Chioggia Guardsmark Beets, Red Ace Beets, Touchstone Gold Beets, Scarlet Frills Mustard, Herbs, Brandywine Tomato, Cherokee Purple Tomato, Mr. Stripey Tomato, Black Krim Tomato, Artisan Heirloom Tomatoes


Why would I join a CSA?

There are two reasons to join a CSA, to support your local farms and to get the freshest produce around. Usually, everything in your package will be harvested within 48 hours of pick up. And it is all grown on site. So not only are you getting the freshest product, produced by a farm you know, you are also contributing to an over all reduction in pollution caused by shipping.


How much does it cost?

A full share costs $500. A half share cost $275. That comes to just about $25 a week for farm fresh produce. You will be asked for a $10 deposit to cover the tote bag we will give you for produce. You can return your bag for a deposit refund at the end of the season.


If you join us you will be a charter member. Please know that while we will do our best to supply you with wonderful variety, we are ultimately limited by weather and crop performance. While we do not anticipate any problems, farming can be a tricky business and you never know what Mother Nature has in store. That you for joining our new adventure!

To Join the CSA call us at (866) 248-7870