About Us

Cee Bee’s Citrus – Your Florida Grower

Cee Bee’s Citrus – Florida Citrus Growers Cee Bee’s Citrus is actually a collection of groves owned by the Burchenal family. We started our company with one small grove, where we cultivated our citrus-growing skill and fell in love with heirloom fruit. Today, Cee Bee’s Citrus is one of the largest among independent Florida citrus growers. With over 300 acres producing 14 varieties of citrus, we serve not only the “Sunshine State,” but the other 48 continental states as well.

Our Story

When we purchased it in the early 1990s, the original citrus plot had fallen into a sad state. Vines were strangling the trees, three foot-wide oak trees were growing amongst the citrus, and the soil had not been maintained. As a result, many of the heirloom trees were in danger of dying. At the suggestion of some fellow Florida citrus growers, we enlisted the help of Les Dennison and his family.

The Dennison family has a rich history steeped in Florida citrus. For nearly 100 years, they have been helping to produce the freshest citrus in Florida. In fact, it turns out that the Dennison Family helped to cultivate the original grove on this site when it was planted in the 1920s.

Because he’s a natural-born Florida citrus grower, and because his family knows our land, Les was able to turn the grove around. With his help, it went from nearly ruined to near health and bountiful in just a few seasons.

As time went on, we had the opportunity to acquire small groves in the area – some of which had also contained heirloom trees. Today we continue the legacy of our family, the Dennison family, and the families of each Florida citrus grower who came before us in every piece of juicy Florida citrus we produce.

What Makes Our Grove So Special?

The layout of our land ensures a perfect growing climate. Our location in western Florida is prized by the citrus growers lucky enough to own land there. In addition, we maintain some of the rarest heirloom trees in Florida, ensuring a unique crop. Combine these facts with our family’s commitment to the finest varieties and the Dennison family’s experience in growing it, and you get a very special result. Try a piece; we know you’ll agree.