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Hamlin Orange

The first crop of the season is also one of the best. Hamlin Oranges are an early sweet orange that makes a great glass of juice, or a healthy afternoon snack. A 1/4 bushel tray of Hamlin Oranges includes 10 lbs of fruit, approximately 18-22 pieces. Order now, harvest ends in January!


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For years, the Hamlin Orange was a mainstay of the Florida Orange Juice Industry. It's early ripening, and balance of acid and sweet, made it the perfect choice for a tall cool glass of juice. In fact, this perfectly round orange is probably what you think of when you think of Florida oranges. And if you know someone in Florida with a backyard orange tree, they probably have Hamlin Oranges growing back there. In the early part of the season we use Hamlin Oranges to make our juice. We think they provide and unsurpassed flavor. One taste, and you'll agree.