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Flame Grapefruit

Flame Grapefruit is a Red Grapefruit lover’s dream! The flesh and juice are deep red color and the flavor is intense. A 1/4 bushel tray of Flame Grapefruit includes 10 lbs of fruit, approximately 10-15 pieces. Order now, they harvest ends soon!


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Many people don't realize that there are many varieties of Red Grapefruit each with their own attributes. Of course arguments can rage about which is best (Ruby Red Grapefruit, Flame Grapefruit, Pink Grapefruit, etc), but you can be sure that Flame Grapefruit is near the top of any citrus lovers' best of list. And for good reason. The flavor of a Flame Grapefruit is truly unique. It is intense and tart, yet still sweet and juicy. Flame Grapefruit are quickly becoming one the most popular of Florida Citrus crops. One taste and you'll see why!