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What sets us apart from the competition?

Always Natural Picking Process

At Cee Bees Citrus, we believe natural methods yield the best-tasting citrus. That's why we will never artificially dye our fruit or put them in a "gas house" for de-greening. Our fruit is allowed to mature on the tree, giving it flavor nature intended.

Fresh Fruit Delivery

At Cee Bee's Citrus, each order is picked, packed, and shipped on site. We never "warehouse" our fruit, so many orders arrive just a couple of days from the tree. You couldn't get it any fresher unless you grew it yourself!


Unique and Native Products

Many of the varieties we produce are only available from a handful of groves. Unlike other growers, we've taken special care of our heirloom trees over the years. As a result, we carry a number of citrus varieties available from just a few groves. One taste of our delicious citrus and you'll understand the difference.