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Order Florida Navel Oranges from Cee Bee's Citrus Florida

Our picking season has ended. Please check back in November 2015.


As the single-most popular citrus worldwide, oranges scarcely need promotion. In fact, our customers order Florida oranges more frequently than any other product. But we don't just offer a wonderful selection of heirloom Florida oranges, we also offer Florida orange-themed gift baskets. Peruse the list of our most popular orange products and decide which Florida oranges you’d like to have delivered fresh from the grove next.

  • Florida Navel Oranges

    Easily recognizable by their characteristic indentation opposite the stem, Florida navel oranges are perhaps the single-most popular orange on earth. This is likely they peel and segment very easily, making them perfect for eating. The popularity of Florida navel oranges has made them the heart and soul of our operation. Try one today and have Florida Oranges delivered fresh to your door!

Select from any of our products online, or call us at (866) 248-7870 to have Florida oranges delivered directly to your door.