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Buy Florida Red Grapefruit Online - Cee Bee's Citrus Florida

Florida Grapefruit Box of Six

Picture of Florida Grapefruit Box of Six
This is a 6lb sampler box of our delicious, juicy red grapefruit.

Red Grapefruit

Picture of Red Grapefruit
From $35.75
Red Grapefruit are fast become a Florida Citrus superstar. It is easy to see why with their beautiful red pulp and a perfect balance of sweet and tart. If you want a taste of real Florida Citrus, Red Grapefruit - picked and packed to order - from Cee Bee's Citrus is a great place to start. A 1/4 bushel tray of Red Grapefruit includes 10 lbs 8-12 pieces.

Grapefruit only Gift Basket

Picture of Grapefruit only Gift Basket
From $49.50
This lovely basket is filled to the brim with our juicy Red Grapefruit. A gift that is sure to please.

Next to our enormously popular Florida oranges, Cee Bee’s Citrus grows and sells more Florida Red Grapefruit and Flame grapefruit than any other citrus. And best of all, you can buy Grapefruit online right here, fresh from the grove. But for as popular as our grapefruit are, there are a number of citrus connoisseurs who don’t understand the differences between the major types of grapefruit. Here’s a quick list of our best sellers and their defining characteristics:

  • Florida Red Grapefruit

    Named for their characteristic red flesh, Florida red grapefruit are large, sweet, and bursting with flavor. While they are typically used for juicing, red grapefruit can also be enjoyed whole, and are a welcome addition to nearly any breakfast table.

  • Flame Grapefruit

    Flame grapefruit have a deep red pulp with a slight blush to the rind and offer a different flavor profile. Because they have a higher acidity to sugar ratio per weight than red grapefruit, Flame grapefruit tend to be a bit more tart, with an intense citrus flavor. 

*Fun Fact: Grapefruit get their characteristic pulp color from the carotenoids present in their flesh. These pigments are essential for our bodies to produce vitamin A, which in turn is an important nutrient promoting improved vision, bone growth, reproductive health, and immune acuteness among other qualities.

So, take advantage of our incredible selection and this opportunity to buy grapefruit online. Or, give us a call at (866) 248-7870. We can’t wait to hear from you!