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Raw Honey. Good for you, Good for Growers. - Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Local Raw Honey is a valuable commodity. As many of our customers know, eating local raw honey will help reduce your allergy symptoms. But unfortunately many people don't know the difference between raw honey and processed honey, which has had most of the pollen removed. This helpful article explains the difference:

Food Safety Watch disagrees, and says removing all of the pollen from honey removes any way to test for its geographic origins, doesn't improve shelf-life, negates the possible health benefits of pollen, and is actually being used to cover up the import of unregulated and often contaminated honey from China through another country like India and finally into the US.

We harvest honey on our grove, not only for our customers, but also because the bees offer natural pollination of the trees. If you're looking for raw honey in the Tampa Bay area stop by our grove store, or check out our local shopping page for a list of retailers.

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